Here you'll find links to the sites that are related to all forms of percussion, be it Classical Percussion, Drums, Jazz, Pop, Marching or other.
I have collected those links over the years or they were mailed to me by the readers/users of this site.

Regularly I'll try to check all the links on this page. If a link is not working it will be removed.
The last time such a check took place was on 20 October 2012.
The dateformat used on this site is DD-MM-YYYY.

If you want me to add a link to your website, use the Percussion Information link in the menu (the last item) to go to my Percussion Information site. There you'll find a mail link.

Whenever I update one of the sections, the date indication on that particular page is the only indication of such an update. All new links that I receive are being visited a few times by me personally to check for content and quality. Once accepted for inclusion the links will be put on the relevant page(s). I will try to notify you whenever that seems appropriate.

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